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Fri Apr 0 5

Environmental Statistics for LSRPs

Environmental Statistics for LSRPs

The use of statistical analysis to evaluate environmental data may be necessary to comply with regulations or for application of technical guidance. The use of statistics may also hold the key to unlocking important information that is otherwise hidden in a set of data. However, identifying appropriate statistical tests and knowing how to apply them can be perplexing, and reviewing statistical data analysis completed by others can be just as challenging.

This program will present statistical concepts and assumptions, review common statistical tests required in regulations and guidance, and address various scenarios that may benefit from and/or require statistical analysis of data. The program will address typical challenges working with environmental data (e.g., non-detects, non-normal distributions, outliers) and include review of statistical analysis case studies used for remedial investigation and remedial action under NJDEP SRP regulations and guidance documents. A hands-on workshop session will allow attendees to work with data using programs such as USEPA ProUCL (individuals or groups). Use of personal computers with Microsoft Excel and Wi-Fi capability for downloading USEPA freeware is encouraged for participation in portions of this course. Techniques for working with large data sets and reviewing statistical evaluation provided by others will also be covered.


Fri Apr 2 6

Risk Assessment in Remediation: A Review of Principles and Applications in NJ Site Remediation Program

This unique one-day program will provide an introduction to site risk assessment and how this science is used to support the investigation and remediation of sites under New Jersey’s, USEPA’s and other states’ environmental programs. This will include an in-depth look at risk management concepts that are available in the NJDEP Site Remediation Program and allowed through regulation and guidance.  It will also include a case study where several risk assessment techniques were applied including development of a site-specific remediation standard.

Topics Include:

  • Fundamentals of Risk Assessment
  • Legislative and Regulatory Background: Risk in New Jerseys Remediation Program
  • Comparing NJDEP’s Framework for Remediation Standards to Risk Based Corrective Action
  • Risk Assessment Concepts in New Jersey’s Remediation Program
  • Risk Management Concepts for Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment as Applied in Site Remediation
  • Update on NJDEP’s EPH Guidance Document
  • Considering risk in NJDEP’s Process for Establishing Impact to Groundwater Soil Remediation Standards and VI Screening Levels
  • A New Jersey Site Remediation Case Study Utilizing Risk Based Concepts

Continuing Education Credits:

NJ LSRPs – 4 Regulatory & 2 Technical CECs (NJ SRPLB Course # 2016-061)
NJ Professional Engineers – 6 CPCs
NJ Continuing Legal Education – Pending
This course is eligible toward PDHs for Pennsylvania Professional Geologists

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